Let’s be honest most people don’t think or care about the pollutants in the air. As long as their air is breathable, the water clearish, and their taxes low — it just doesn’t register as an important issue.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has now made pollution matter as his plan is to take money out of people’s wallet because of the pollution diesel cars release into the air.

While we are happy to see more people discussing environmental safety, we wish Mr Khan had paid attention to the facts first. Just like we wish the government had paid attention when they initially encouraged citizens to purchase “environmentally friendly,” diesel cars.

Taxing diesel cars does not reduce pollution.

Taxing diesel cars is punishing those who followed the government’s initial orders to use environmentally friendly diesel cars. It then taxes those who can’t afford a new vehicle.

Let’s remember those people with vehicles that can’t be replaced, are passing their MOTs which means they are maintaining to expected emissions levels. If those levels are acceptable to the country, why isn’t it acceptable for London?

Also, if diesel cars are expected to meet the same MOT standards of petroleum cars- how will this reduce pollution? Won’t those petroleum cars be performing at the same levels?

We at Lambda have always cared about the environment. We cared before it mattered to our wallets. We created our product to reduce pollutants in the air which can be added to diesel and petrol cars.

We understand pollution comes from burning fossil fuels and we look forward to the day we are all driving electric cars. However, unlike DEFRA we don’t think it will happen by 2020. Unlike the Mayor of London, we also know that taxing those who tried to follow the rules doesn’t stop pollution either.

It’s time to demand something better than the Toxin Tax.