Greenpeace Clean Air Now Nelson

We at Add Me are all for a greener planet. It’s one of the driving forces behind what we do, by making your car more efficient we want to make the air all over the UK better to breathe. There’s only a finite amount, so we should keep it clean, right?

So when organisations like Greenpeace stage huge publicity stunts like this morning we’re happy that light is being shone on a cause that we believe in. Their call for #CleanAirNow is something we can get behind, it’s something that we want to push. 

And there’s no doubt that stunts like scaling Nelson’s column or fixing a gas mask to Winston Churchill in Parliament Square will draw a huge amount of attention to our mutual cause. All the while, taking such extreme measures to highlight air pollution in the Capital is a sure fire way to get noticed, ensure media coverage, and vitally in our Social Media driven age, get trending.

Churchill Greenpeace Clean Air Now

With this comes a healthy discussion. Discussion online, and at the pub. Discussion from hardcore environmentalists, and from people who don’t ordinarily even think about what they breathe in as they walk, cycle or drive around the UK. And with such discussion we can hope that people take more notice of the pollution surrounding them.

Of course there will also be people who disagree with the methods Greenpeace choose to use in the promotion of their #CleanAirNow campaign, and they may well be vocal, as is so easy on the internet. But regardless of their views on Greenpeace as an organisation, they too are discussing the topic at hand. 

So putting aside your views on Greenpeace, we can agree that all publicity is good publicity when it comes to making the UK’s air cleaner. As a population we are becoming more aware of the dangers that our polluted air can cause to us, and our country. By taking to Social Media and calling for #CleanAirNow it is a great way to engage more people within this growing issue. If Greenpeace can help, and have the resources to shine a light on this then we can get on board.

If you’re behind cleaner air in the UK, please take the time to sign their petition here.