Our planet is awesome. It's easy to forget that on this little rock of ours, flying through the cosmos, we have so many unique, interesting, and often hilarious, creatures. So every once in a while it's a good idea to stop for a second, and reflect on how brilliant our planet is. To celebrate Earth Day we've put together 12 amazing facts about some of the wonderful inhabitants and places on Earth! 


1-     Hedgehogs can run a top speed of 4mph

Hedgehog Cute Gif


2-     A blue whale’s tongue is about the same size and weight as an African elephant

3-     Bhutan is an Oxygen negative country, in that it produces more oxygen than it consumes! Bonus Bhutan fact- their oxygen probably has something to do with their constitution stating at least 60% of the country must be forested at any one time.

Bhutan Beautiful Forest


4-     The most adorable thing that otters do is hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other. The second most adorable thing? They carry their favourite stone around in a little pouch in their armpit.

Otter Fist Bump


5-     Penguins are monogamous, and propose by giving their mate a pebble when they propose (which they should spend at least a month’s wages on…)

6-     Koalas often have to eat their own poop. Because their main source of food, eucalyptus leaves, are poisonous, to get sufficient nutrients from it they must consume their own feces.

Koala Poop


7-     The pyramids were more ancient to the Roman Empire than the Roman Empire is to us.

8-     Owls eyes aren’t balls but shaped like tubes, this means even though they can see incredible far they’re completely immobile. In order to compensate they are able to rotate their head by 270 degrees.

9-     Collective noun for a group of bunnies? A fluffle.

10-   It's a shorter distance from London to Moscow than it is from Sydney to Perth. (London to Moscow 1,554 Sydney to Perth 2,044.)

London Moscow Sydney Perth Map


11-   Trees on planet Earth outnumber the galaxies in our observable universe by 3,000 to 1! (Estimated 3 trillion trees, and 100 billion galaxies)

12-   And sharks have existed on Earth longer than all 3 trillion of those trees…

Bruce The Shark Smile Nemo